Designing the Ultimate Kitchen

Designing the Ultimate Kitchen

Designing the Ultimate Chef’s Kitchen

January 5, 2022
Designing the Ultimate Chef’s Kitchen

With people spending more time at home there has been an increase in home renovation projects across the Americas. In fact, home remodeling searches more than doubled in 2021, with kitchens remaining the most remodeled room.

As one of the most used rooms in the home, it’s not surprising that homeowners want to personalize their kitchens to better suit their needs, spending $12,000 USD on average. When remodeling the kitchen, culinary experts pay special attention to the oven, fridge, sinks, and cooking surfaces as these elements determine just how efficient a chef can be in their space.

The Oven

The oven is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. While homeowners may not need all the advanced oven features that their favorite restaurants use, a higher-quality oven does give home chefs more options. Cooking enthusiasts should consider buying convection or steam oven models for the most efficient cooking. A speed oven, which is a smaller oven that combines convection and microwave cooking elements, may also be a worthwhile purchase.

Models like the Miele M-Touch Series H6700BM come with a touch display, MasterChef automatic programs, precise temperature-controlled roasting, and even a popcorn button.

Passionate cooks may consider investing in more than one oven to ensure multiple dishes can be cooked at the same time. Not only does this make cooking quicker, but it also increases the variety of meals that home chefs can create. 

The Sink

While every kitchen has a sink, a premium chef’s kitchen should have at least two, with one located on the island. Deep sinks are best for washing dishes and filling pots; so, ensure at least one sink can accommodate larger cookware. Ruvati’s low-divide double bowl sink features one deeper bowl to fit large dishes and one more shallow bowl for easier-to-clean items. The brushed stainless steel sink also includes rounded edges for easier cleaning and a sloped bottom for better drainage.

Depending on individual needs, homeowners may also consider buying sinks with other premium features like offset drains, integrated cutting boards, hands-free faucets, and multi-level interiors. If lugging heavy pots around the kitchen is a concern, position sinks near the stove or install pot fillers (small faucets) into the stove’s backsplash.

The Fridge

No chef’s kitchen is complete without a Sub-Zero, or equally advanced, refrigerator. In order to accommodate large-scale cooking, consider investing in an oversized model with enough space for multiple large dishes.

Beyond size, homeowners should take features such as the fridge’s air purification system, vacuum sealer, and door style into account as well. For example, refrigerators with glass doors are currently growing in popularity as they allow home chefs look to assess what ingredients they have in one quick glance. 

Cooking Surfaces and Countertops

A chef’s kitchen cannot function without sufficient counter space which is essential for both prep and cooking itself. A simple way to increase counter space is the addition of an island that serves as a centerpiece for the workplace, around which all cooking activities will flow. When selecting the materials for countertops and islands, choose durable options—like butcher block, granite, or quartz—that require minimal maintenance and will last throughout the years. 

Home chefs may also want to consider adding a built-in trash chute to the kitchen island or countertops. Built-in trash chutes, like this one designed by Kegworks, are used by professional chefs to keep workstations sanitary and organized and can be a great addition to home kitchens as well. 

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