Moving to the Austin Waterfront? 6 Items for Your Relocation Checklist

Moving to the Austin Waterfront? 6 Items for Your Relocation Checklist

Austin is a great place to live, and life on the waterfront is even better. Lake Austin offers a beautiful private lake experience as most of the shoreline is privately owned. It also has two public boating docks and a beautiful public park covering 1,150 acres. Due to the dams on either end of Lake Austin, it has a nearly constant level. Lake Travis is a much larger lake, with 271 miles of shorefront. They have boating clubs, diving, boat tours, flyboarding, bars and restaurant options for every taste, and many other recreational activities. It is the lake for living large and having fun. Lake Travis’ levels vary with rainfall.

No matter which lake you choose to live on, you will enjoy the view, the fun, and the lifestyle you can only find on Austin’s waterfront.

Here are six things to help make your move seamless to start enjoying your new life on the lake as soon as possible.

Packing considerations

Packing considerations
The average low temperature during Austin winters is in the low 40s. If you are moving from a cold-weather area onto the Austin waterfront, you don’t need to bring all your heavy coats, gloves, and hats. Bring one for when the temperature falls below freezing, then donate the rest. Austin has nine months of warm weather, so bring lots of warm weather clothes and sunblock.

Be sure to pack a few weeks of essentials, including your bathing suit and water gear, in your car in case there are delays with the moving truck. Speaking of moving trucks, Austin requires them to have a temporary parking permit. Find out from your mover if they will secure it or if you will need to. 

If you’re moving in the summer

Most people, especially those with school-age children, prefer to move during the summer months. This typically makes Westlake Austin homes for sale inventory highest in the spring. The summer months will be the busiest months on the lake and for your watercraft service providers. If you buy new watercraft, you will want to start the process as early as possible. Schedule it as far in advance as possible if you need watercraft transported. This will help you get on the water quickly after your move. The temperatures can get up to 100 degrees in the summer, so be prepared for unpacking and moving during extreme heat. Don’t rush it; give yourself time to cool off and have plenty of water on hand.

Austin is a green city

Based on the emissions per capita, green job opportunities, and smart-energy policies, Austin is the greenest city in Texas. The town dedicated 15% of its total land to parks and open green spaces. Thus, residents have a deep connection to the natural landscape. The city is a leader in building energy-efficient LEED-qualified homes, an excellent benefit of Barton Creek, TX homes for sale.

If your new home doesn’t have upgraded features for energy efficiency, you will likely increase the return on your investment by adding a few when you complete any repairs or remodeling projects. Be prepared to recycle if you are not already doing so. You may live on a man-made lake, but it has an ecosystem and water to protect. Educate yourself on the steps you can take to contribute to the preservation of your beautiful lake.

Moving Checklist

Moving checklist
You already know you need to pack and purge what you are not taking. You probably already know you will need to start lining up where to get your moving boxes early. You will also need a good supply of packing tape, Bubble Wrap, and Sharpies. When labeling boxes, try to stay organized. Label by room and list the enclosed items. This will help you find everything quickly when you’re ready to unpack in your new waterfront home.

If you have school-age children, visit their new school and make sure you know all the documents they need to make the transfer seamless. Find new healthcare providers and arrange for your records to be transferred. Submit a change of address with the postal service. Take measurements of all the rooms in your new home and note the walls with windows. This will help you plan where to place the furniture on move-in day.

Schedule maintenance and storage

Waterfront property requires annual maintenance. Because there isn’t a barrier between your home and the water, your home will receive rain and wind straight on. Everyone in your neighborhood will need to have the same maintenance, so scheduling yours ahead of time will help you get the service you need.

Your dock, bulkhead, or other barriers will need to be inspected annually. Your watercraft will also need annual maintenance to keep it running correctly. Scheduling your winter maintenance ahead of time ensures it is done timely and is ready to be enjoyed again. Book this early if you need to use a dock elsewhere or store your watercraft over the winter. Before you find your Austin waterfront real estate, you’ll want to consider what to do with your boat, including whether you want a storage unit in which you can keep the vessel or whether your home will have space for the boat.

Work with a local realtor

Schedule maintenance and storage
Working with an Austin realtor will help make your move run smoothly. Agents understand the area, and they’re willing to point you toward the best resources and services. They can also help you discover all the best local restaurants and entertainment options. An experienced agent with Westlake Austin homes for sale and waterfront properties will ensure you have everything you need to get settled into your new waterfront home. They will help you find resources for dock maintenance, storage, and understand your rights and responsibilities regarding your shoreline and dock area. Their service to you doesn’t end at closing.

The realtors at Kathryn Scarborough Real Estate Group are happy to answer your questions about moving to one of Austin’s gorgeous waterfront properties. They have been helping people buy and sell waterfront property in Austin for 20 years.

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